What is Managed Print Services?

Managed print services help you to gain visibility and control of your printing, which saves money and can boost productivity. By choosing the right equipment, correct toners and a service agent most business can save up to 40% against conventional purchasing methods. See how we can save you money and time:

  • Most prospective customers are shocked to learn how expensive their internal print devices are to use
  • Many of our prospective customers have no accurate means of determining how much it costs to run an office printer
  • Some prospective customers purchase toner consumables from stationers along with rulers and pencils. They are often surprised how much the printers account for in this budget when we show them how to save up to 40%
  • Buying remanufactured toner consumables is often a false economy and can significantly reduce the number of prints/copies per toner as well as shortening the life of the print device

These are just some of the observations we have made when engaging with businesses who are interested to learn that there is a different way of owning and managing internal office print devices.

All of the above are popular misconceptions which drive businesses to purchase equipment which often doesn’t meet their needs or budgets. We understand that almost every business or establishment, regardless of size needs printers or MFPs. Procuring the wrong equipment at the first stage can prove very costly.

The Active8 philosophy is to provide reliable Managed Print solutions, supported by a local dependable team. We are proud to provide our “Managed Print Service” offering to help our customers get the most from their existing printer and copier fleets. A Managed Print Service can often involve assisting clients to use the equipment they have more effectively whilst also adding new ecological devices and financially efficient services.

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Many companies can offer a “print investigation” or “print audit”. We can do that too, but why stop there? Using our Investig8 methodology, we can drill down into the What, Where, How and perhaps most importantly Why things happen the way they do.

Active8 use a suite of tools to collect and analyse data and report back to you in a way that’s easy to read, understand and digest. We don’t rely solely on any one method therefore we can recommend what we believe is best for you.

Our report will provide a comprehensive breakdown of document output, giving clarity and visibility through data and floor plans which will demonstrate where key areas are and where savings can be achieved. We can show you where the money’s going. We’ll also highlight environmental issues, identifying more responsible and sustainable working practices and put them into context that can be communicated effectively.

If you would like to discuss how our Investig8 can help your business then please click the link below and one of team will contact you to discuss the project. Your consultant will go through the various options and answer any questions you may have. We’ll discuss key business drivers and project aims, what you expect from us and what we’ll need from you. We don’t rely on “industry standard” information, we prefer hard facts!